Whats going on at the Atkins Building

Colour in a Monochrome World

The Colour in a Monochrome World exhibition is currently taking place at the Atkins Gallery from the 6th of December 2017 and ending on the 2nd of January 2018, featuring work by Penny Andrews and Colin Ward. The pair of artists met while studying for their master’s degrees in Fine Art in 2005 and have since had a number of exhibitions together. Patrons can expect to see a vibrant display making use of a number of different artistic mediums.

Penny Andrews’ work is inspired by an understanding of the experiences of children, owed to her background in psychotherapy. As a textile artist, she creates artistic objects using fabrics, and is focused on the powerful influence that childhood experiences can have, as well as how negative experiences relate to creativity. The centrepiece of her display for this exhibit is a collection of over fifty unique felt masks, each of which is suspended from the ceiling and allows for viewing from any angle.

Atkins Reception Gallery

Colin Ward

Colin Ward is a fine artist noted for the diverse use of materials in his work: glass, ceramics, fabric and acrylics can all be seen complimenting each other in his visual art. Often these elements are combined in unusual or surprising ways. He draws inspiration from people as well as the natural environment.


The Atkins Reception Gallery also features exhibits from local artists and social groups, in constant rotation every five to six weeks. Any local artist can apply to have their work displayed for free in the gallery. The current display is by Ross Kilgour and is centred on the culture and visuals of Motown music.


A Peaceful Place

On January 21st in 2018 the ‘A Peaceful Place’ Mindfulness Course will commence, running until the 11th of February. This four-week women-only course serves as an introduction to mindfulness, a meditative practice focused on awareness in the present moment. Women struggling with anxiety, stress or other feelings of pressure will find the course especially useful, however, anyone will find mindfulness to have calming benefits.Contact Marina Broadley for booking or information at