Types of Craft Supplies available at

In 1995 Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon browsed a dictionary to select an “exotic and different” name for the online version of his bookselling company. He says he chose the name Amazon − biggest river in terms of volume discharged − as an allusion to his plans for expansion of the business. Once only a book selling company has now become the world’s largest online one-stop shop for the immense variety of consumer goods and media products including its own electronic gadgets like Fire Tv, Fire tablet and Kindle.

The popularity of crafting has risen substantially in recent years, and with that variety of crafting supplies has increased significantly. Unlike Amazon’s main website, the UK version does not have a dedicated subsection for arts and craft items, but you can search for them from the search box. Here are some of the crafting supply types available at Amazon UK. If you want to call Amazon for more information you should use the amazon uk prime delivery contact number.

Glue and Glue guns

Glue of various different types and brands are available at Amazon UK. Choose the one you think will be useful for the task at hand, and remember you will always end up using more than you think. A glue gun is an essential tool for your craft room; it is available in two different types, a low-heat gun and a high-heat gun. Glue guns are also available in various colours and styles to match the craft personality of the crafter.

Glue Gun

Craft knives and Cutters

If you plan on working on fabric or some other lightweight materials, then you are going to need a cutter or x-acto knife. Craft knives are used to make precise and tricky cuts that add details to the craft. There are many types available, and all produce excellent results, just choose according to your needs.

Craft Knife

Ribbons and Tapes

Lots of different designs, colours and materials to choose from for both single sided and double sided tapes. Tapes are also useful for people who are not interested in crafting; they are something that you got to have in your house. Ribbons are used to hide unintentional mistakes, give a final touch or as a trim. Choose few different styles and colours to use in the time of need.

Craft Tape

Paints and Brushes

Types of paints include enamel, spray, oil and acrylic. Do some research first and then select the type best suited for your project to get the desired results. Many brands are also offering test kits for you to help decide the right kind of paint. Try out different types of brushes too when selecting a type of paint.

Craft Paint Brush


Scissors help cut out big shapes, zigzag patterns, meticulously detail designs or clean the edges of your project. Scissors types available on Amazon UK include:

  • Fabric
  • Paper
  • Embroidery
  • Craft
  • Craft Scissors

    Pencils, Pens and Markers

    Like all the other craft supplies, there is a vast variety of different pens, pencils and markers available on Amazon UK in so many different colours from various brandsto suit your creative style. Whether you want to write notes, make drawings or have interest in calligraphy, there are pens and markers available that are suitable for all these tasks.


    Paper and Paper Punchers

    Paper punchers are used for punching holes in papers. They are available in different sizes and shapes on Amazon UK such as 2 Inch Round, 2 Inch with scalloped edge and 3 Inch circle punch. Paper types include card stock, scrap paper or tissue paper.

    Craft Hole Punch