Our Objectives & Strategy

Our Vision & Mission

Our Objectives & Strategy

The Board of Trustees

The Vision of Creative Hinckley is:

  • To support and foster the development of a vibrant and sustainable creative and artistic business community in the Borough of Hinckley and Bosworth
  • To support those creative practitioners with the talent and market opportunity to be able to successfully develop their business
  • To encourage fine artists, designers, sculptors, craftspeople, digital artists, graphics and mixed media artists, musicians and authors, dance and performing arts groups, together with other essential and diverse artistic disciplines, thus leading to an enrichment of the lives of all communities within the Borough
  • to promote the pursuit of excellence, providing support and expanding its creative links across the UK and abroad.

Illustration by Peter Underhill (www.peterunderhill.com)

Our Mission is to make the creative industries sector a highly successful and visible contributor to the economic and social well being of the Borough by:

  • Developing a reputation for Hinckley and Bosworth as a centre of excellence for creative talent
  • Promoting Hinckley as a creative destination to attract a wide range of visitors and consumers both regionally and nationally
  • Raising the profile of the sector as a whole to local businesses and organisations so that they will automatically consider Hinckley and Bosworth based creative businesses when sourcing supplies and services
  • Raising the profile of Hinckley and Bosworth as a source of creative services to markets in the region
  • Acting as a collective voice for creative businesses in Hinckley and Bosworth to local, regional and national bodies
  • Creating more opportunities for inter-trading by raising awareness of resources, talent and services available locally
  • Stemming the ‘brain drain’ of graduate talent out of Hinckley and Bosworth by promoting the area as an attractive place to work and/or set up business
  • Signposting members to business support and funding opportunities
  • Inspiring and encouraging new talent into the Creative Industries
  • Becoming a commercially viable organisation, based on ‘not for profit’ where funds are reinvested to promote sustainability