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Artist in residency opportunity.

Artist in Residence Brief,University of Leicester Sculpture in the Garden Exhibition 2013. ‘A Change of Heart’


Those who can’t review.

A message from local artist Peter Berry who invites you to view his review of Those Who Can’t… posted on Interface.


Father Used To Say

Father used to say is a one man show created by the people of Leicestershire. It’s at Cafe Impressions, The Atkins Building, Hinckley, on Friday 21st June 7.30 till 9.30. Tickets £6.00 adv £ 7.50 on door.from http://www.skiddle.com


Members showcase

The Members Creative Showcase Exhibition will be an opportunity for members to display their work or service in the gallery from 14th August to 6th September 2013

Creative Hinckley launch The East Midlands Young Artists Open.

Creative Hinckley and Charnwood Arts are the organising partners for this high profile project

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Creative Hinckley’s Summer Arts & Craft Fair takes place on 29/30th June 2013

East Midland Young Open

This year Creative Hinckley and Charnwood Arts will be spreading the Young Open to the whole of the East Midlands.

An evening of popular Classical, Spanish and Latin guitar music

An evening of popular Classical, Spanish and Latin guitar music,

The Beauty of Women

Leicestershire based artist Mark Roberts will be presenting The Beauty of Women Exhibition at the Creative Hinckley Gallery

Glitter Arti 2013

Creative Hinckley’s Glitter Arti, Arts and Craft Fair 23/24 th November 2013

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Whats going on at the Atkins Building

Colour in a Monochrome World

The Colour in a Monochrome World exhibition is currently taking place at the Atkins Gallery from the 6th of December 2017 and ending on the 2nd of January 2018, featuring work by Penny Andrews and Colin Ward. The pair of artists met while studying for their master's degrees in Fine Art in 2005 and have since had a number of exhibitions together. Patrons can expect to see a vibrant display making use of a number of different artistic mediums.

Penny Andrews' work is inspired by an understanding of the experiences of children, owed to her background in psychotherapy. As a textile artist, she creates artistic objects using fabrics, and is focused on the powerful influence that childhood experiences can have, as well as how negative experiences relate to creativity. The centrepiece of her display for this exhibit is a collection of over fifty unique felt masks, each of which is suspended from the ceiling and allows for viewing from any angle.

Colin Ward

Colin Ward is a fine artist noted for the diverse use of materials in his work: glass, ceramics, fabric and acrylics can all be seen complimenting each other in his visual art. Often these elements are combined in unusual or surprising ways. He draws inspiration from people as well as the natural environment.


The Atkins Reception Gallery also features exhibits from local artists and social groups, in constant rotation every five to six weeks. Any local artist can apply to have their work displayed for free in the gallery. The current display is by Ross Kilgour and is centred on the culture and visuals of Motown music.

A Peaceful Place

On January 21st in 2018 the 'A Peaceful Place' Mindfulness Course will commence, running until the 11th of February. This four-week women-only course serves as an introduction to mindfulness, a meditative practice focused on awareness in the present moment. Women struggling with anxiety, stress or other feelings of pressure will find the course especially useful, however, anyone will find mindfulness to have calming benefits.Contact Marina Broadley for booking or information at http://www.heartofwellbeing.co.uk

G8 Preview night.

Creative Hinckley’s recent preview night was for the G8 artists, Diane E Hall Graham Ensor , Robert Thacker & Maureen Cooper who are exhibiting at The Gallery until September 30th with their exhibition called ‘Trace Elements’ Supported by the Arts Council and The National Forest they worked from 2009 – 2010 on the 2 year “Timescape” project at Calke Abbey Park, with exhibitions and workshops aiming to increase the public awareness of its place within The National Forest Area. It proved to be thought provoking for members of the public and artists alike so they were keen to show ongoing developments and take this creative work to a different area and wider audience, encouraging new people to engage with their ideas. When they were invited to submit a proposal to exhibit at the newly opened Creative Hinckley Gallery they were impressed by the facilities. The structure of the gallery allowed for work to be displayed at different levels and in varying ways. With their interest in the management and decline of industry and prosperity in The National Forest, and its ambitious plans for transformation, they considered the Gallery to be a very appropriate place to exhibit, since it reflects similar aspects through its past uses and now in its rebirth as a wonderful creative space.

Voting closed. Thanks for voting

Creative Hinckley has successfully gained through to the final stage of the Nat West Community awards for 2011. They now need your vote to help them through for a possible financial award to fund projects, enhancing the valuable work they already do for the community. Just visit http://communityforce.natwest.com/project/4719 you will have to register then you will be able to vote.

Creative Hinckley’s aims are to support and foster the development of a vibrant and sustainable creative and artistic business community in the Borough of Hinckley and Bosworth, and with the recent opening of the new Art & Design college next door commercial possibilities are sure to develop between students and employment for the future.

John Brightmore one of the 7 Creative Hinckley directors said, “With the recent intake and enrolment of students, Creative Hinckley’s latest exhibition Trace Elements, and the Camra beer festival; there has been a fantastic buzz around the Atkins Building. We now need to build on the reputation achieved so far bringing a great cultural experience to the local and visitor communities, and that needs your help, please visit the Nat West site and cast your vote.”

Many thanks CH

Sharon Steingold meets Manu Tuilagi.

Sharon Stiengolds preview night was very well received and had sport celebrity visitors from international rugby. Creative Hinckley director and Leicester Tigers rugby fan John Brightmore invited the Tuilagis after reading in a Tigers programme about Manu Tuilagi that, when asked the question, “What would you like to do if you didn’t play rugby?” he answered Art. Creative Hinckley are now looking at ways Manu can be involved with the arts group, as he has strong links with the town through his schooling and early rugby career. The photographs were kindly provided by Clifton Stewart. Sharon will be holding an 'Artist in conversation evening on Wednesday 2nd November at 7pm

Beautiful Life – Memory and Nostalgia, press release

A new exhibition, Beautiful Life - Memory and Nostalgia, will be opening in The Atkins Building at Creative Hinckley Gallery on 28th November 2011, and will run until 13th January 2012. The exhibition is curated by Dr Ming Turner and was developed by South Hill Park, Bracknell and De Montfort University in partnership with the Arts Council, Charnwood Arts and Sin Pink Art Space (Taiwan). The exhibition has recently been on view in Bracknell, Berkshire, and after its time at Creative Hinckley it will be toured to the Pier-2 Art Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in March-April 2012. The initial idea behind the curation of this project was to bring together artists from the five continents, by which it aimed to respond to the forthcoming London Olympics in 2012. The exhibition features work by ten artists from around the world, who were specifically selected from established and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds, and whose art covers the various themes of post-colonialism. Migration and travelling across geopolitical borders have always been important elements of man’s activity throughout history. In recent decades, owing to the rapid development of transportation, travelling across borders has become a more influential issue in modern society, and it has created the phenomena of displacement and hybridised cultures. The exhibition explores the ideas of travelling, nostalgia, memory, and the issues of identity, postcolonialism, diaspora, the sense of belonging and authenticity. This is one of the first major group shows to feature in the wonderful, recently completed gallery space in Lower Bond Street. Visitors can expect to see a range of styles and media, including photography, paintings and video works by contemporary artists from Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Dr Turner approached Creative Hinckley in the summer of 2010, at which time the partnership was agreed with Beverley Chandler. Since then, all plans have been put in place, the works have been gathered from around the globe and the first leg of the tour for this project was succesfully launced in Bracknell. It is anticipated that the enthusiasm shown for the work by vistors to South Hill Park will be replicated in Hinckley, as it is a rare opportunity to view such a variety of contemporary art on such an important theme.

Bev Chandler, Creative Hinckley's gallery administrator said " ..............this exhibition will put the International flavour into that which Creative Hinckley are striving to achieve; we are all really looking forward to a great show" The Private View will be hosted on Wednesday 7th December, although the doors will open to the public from Monday 28th November